Circular Paving

Block paving is available in different
colours and sizes. As well as the
many patterns that can be formed
with blocks the colour you choose
is very important especially if you
want your patio to look and feel
warm. After your blocks are laid they
are sealed if required.

Paving slabs are available in a range of
different textures, colours and sizes and
however you imagine your patio, I am
certain there is a product on the market
that you would be happy with. A random or circular
pattern can be achieved or we can even make you
a winding path.

Certain paving around your swimming pool can give it a whole new look.
Terracotta paving will give it that Mediterranean look which will make it feel
warm as well as looking elegant. A good eye for detail is needed when paving
around your pool as it can look very dull and distasteful when finished.

Random Paving

Pool Surround